Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kind of Blue: A Jazz Guide to Location Photography

Walk down the street of the blue city. Don't think about it, do it. No rehearsing, no maps and no plans. Shoot from the gut, shoot from deep down. No room for pragmatism in this city, don't plan the journey. Wander, discover - Miles had it right. Reach from within, but don't stay in that studio, feel the cool night notes instead.

Kind of Blue

Layers of colors are waiting, not just the eight, but the four in between hidden in the real world of light and waiting to be revealed in an alternate chromatic reality, surprising in their richness and consistency. Not planned, but discovered, one following another in a modal path from blue to green to...

Keep that background cool and simple: decaying walls & windows lining the rhythmic old pathways of stone reflecting the streetlights. Find that cool sound in the messy and complex visual melodies left by the bits and pieces of humanity littered on those walls and paths. Filter that experience through the lens and find the way only you can see, images drawn from today's mundane familiarity, yesterday's surreal encounters and the more exotic experiences long forgotten.

And don't be afraid. After all, the blue city is your city of sweet sounds and dreams.

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